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What is this place?

It all started one late night in September 2021. I was driving home to Wisconsin from Utah after participating in the Overcrest Rally. The Rally was a life changing experience. Taking a car that I have worked on for years a thousand miles away from, spending two days driving through the unbelievable landscape that is Utah, and then driving it home was an immensely rewarding experience. But that drive home, man. Eager to get home and see my wife and three little girls (*wink* ESG *wink*) I drove straight through the night. Leaving Utah at about 3am. Driving all day and night and getting back to Wisconsin just as the sun came up.

Driving through the night I thought "What the shit? These headlights are brand new, OEM US Ellipsoids and if there's a deer 50' in front me, I'm going to hit it". It sucked. After I tucked the car away for the winter I tried to find a solution. I read about fancy Halogen bulbs, I read about the HIR bulbs, HID's in the stock projectors, I saw some projector retrofits that were to be brutally hones, not pretty. I didn't want that. I want something that didn't require me to cut up my new headlight housings and something that if you glanced inside the engine bay, you may not even notice it. There was nothing. So, I did what any normal person would do. I taught myself CAD, bought a 3D printer, and made a set for myself.

I shared them in a few places after seeing so many people in the same position as me. And the feedback on them was unexpected. Everyone loved them and were excited to see a retrofit option available again. I dove head first in. I created designs for the various headlights (still working on the Hella Smiley) and put together this website. I wanted to create a space that didn't feel like you were shopping for car parts. I wanted it to feel like you buying something special and unique for your car. Because in my opinion, you are. I make these all a pair at a time and hand assemble them. I don't care if that sounds lame. But sometimes I don't want exhaust advertisements and camouflage wrapped cars shoved down my throat when I'm looking for car parts.

I hope you enjoy what you're looking at here. I hope it's something you feel would be an improvement on your car and pick up a set! I'm always available to answer any questions. And you ever have any suggestions for the website, please do not hesitate to reach out either. I've said it before, but if you have a question about something, the likelihood is someone else does, too.


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