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If you know your way around a car, these will likely be very straightforward to install. But please do your due diligence before purchasing. Understand what a sealed beam headlight is, what it takes to swap to a projector assembly, etc. I'm happy to answer questions, but please take a few minutes to browse some forum posts or read through the tutorials.

All HID components and relay harnesses use the 9005/9006 style connectors found on cars equipped with US Ellipsoids. If your car does not have these style connectors on it, you will need to modify your car's connectors or make adapters.

Know before you buy...

The High Beam Splitters allows you to send the high beam signal to the bi-xenon solendoi without splicing any wires. These are only availble in 9005/9006 connectors - which are the same ones found on the US Ellipsoid equipped cars.


The Ballast Mounts let  you mount the ballast to the car in a more permanent fashion than using something like tape or velcro. These have a variety of recessed holes for various mounting positions. I recommend use a rivnut tool for creating a clean install. 


*These can only be orderd with a Retrofit Kit - not separately.*

High Beam Splitters (Pair)

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