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If you know your way around a car, these will likely be very straightforward to install. But please do your due diligence before purchasing. Understand what a sealed beam headlight is, what it takes to swap to a projector assembly, etc. I'm happy to answer questions, but please take a few minutes to browse some forum posts or read through the tutorials.

All HID components and relay harnesses use the 9005/9006 style connectors found on cars equipped with US Ellipsoids. If your car does not have these style connectors on it, you will need to modify your car's connectors or make adapters.

Know before you buy...

Now you can finally fit an aftermarket LED bulb in your high beam housing for the ULTIMATE HEADLIGHT EXPERIENCE!


These kits use a new cap that installs the same way the old one does and is sized appropriately to fit the Morimoto 2Stroke 2.0 LED bulb inside. The bulb harness is modified to exit the cap through a grommet for a clean appearance on the outside. You can choose to order these with the Morimito 2Stroke LED bulb installed or just the cap with a length of jacketed wire and grommets for you to install yourself. 


If you purchase the caps alone, you will need to source your own led bulbs and you will need to modify the wiring yourself. The modification includes cutting the wires and splicing in a section of jacketed wire to seal in the grommet. I will not provide technical assistance if you choose to do it yourself becuase I do not like to provide wiring guidance in case you mess it up. Only proceed with this option if you are comfortable with basic wiring. 


Euro Smilie LED High Beam Kit