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So what's going on here?

This adventure all started when I drove my e30 from Wisconsin to Utah and back for the 2021 Overcrest Rally. In an attempt to get home as quick as possible, I drove non-stop. 26 hours. With two 20-minute truck stop naps. While I did it, the drive through the night was terrifying.



I love my e30. I love working on it and changing things. But what I love most is that I can use it every day. I can put my kids in the back. I can get groceries and load up the trunk. But that also means that I want to be comfortable driving the car in all conditions - including at night. These retrofits started because I wasn't comfortable driving the car at night with the factory headlights. But I never wanted to sacrifice the look of the car.

My goal was always to give the car better lighting without anyone knowing (except at night). That's how we landed where we are today.


I made these for myself at the beginning. As I shared them I realized other people had the same issue. With no other options on the market for a DIY-friendly retrofit, I decided to make them available to everyone. I created ESG Prints, LLC and here we are today. I'm officially a small business owner making parts for the car and people I love.

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